VIRGINIA - Albemarle County - 1850-1900 - Wingfield land surveys

The following property survey extracts involving the name Wingfield have been contributed by WFS Member Sam Towler <> of Charlottesville, Virginia.  Section 1 is from Albemarle County Deed Books 53 thru 171 (1850-1900), and Section 2 is from Charlottesville (City) Deed Books 1 thru 9 (1890-1900). Two earlier survey books (1 & 2) prior to 1850 have been done by other people.

Sam intends to publish a 200-page book on all additional surveys 1800-1900 for Albemarle County.  He has given us advance records on those involving Wingfield property, which he describes as HAND-DRAWN MAPS OR SURVEYS OF FARMS AND LOTS IN ALBEMARLE COUNTY AND CHARLOTTESVILLE BETWEEN 1850-1900 WHERE THE MAP WAS MADE FOR A WINGFIELD OR A WINGFIELD WAS NOTED AS AN ADJACENT OWNER.     

Albemarle County, VA, Deed Book/Page No.(acres)

53/456 (1+a) John A. Wingfield to trustees of the Methodist church. Adj John Wingfield, road from Little bridge to Goodwin's Mill. Surveyed 185-.

54/142 (1,530a) in the Green mountains. A portion of the land of Col. John Coles which he devised to his son Tucker Coles and known as the Quarter tract. Adj Mathew Wingfield, Dr. Randolph, Edward Moon, Peyton Coles (to the south), Benjamin Eubank, and Nicholas Hamner. 

67/537  John Cochran trustee for George Moose to George Wilkerson (afro-american).  Adj to Parrott College lot.  Moose obtained it from Robert F. Wingfield.  Adj Cross St, Ridge St., and Va Central R.R.

70/53  (11+a) "Eubank tract" John S. Moon & Elizabeth his wife to Simpson Randal.  Adj Wingfield or Slaughter and John Morris.

71/73  (25a) A part of "Chestnut Ridge". Mary S. Brown and Charles Sharp and Lucy his wife of 1st part to Leah Waddell by Joseph Waddell his agent of Augusta Co.  Adj James Dabney Garth, E.C. Wingfield.  Surveyed 23 Sept 1876

78/345  (1/10a) Rice Wingfield Bailey and Susan A. his wife to Edward Meekins?  A part of the Bailey lot east of C-ville.  Adj Sinclair's Blacksmith shop, road to free Bridge, G.M. McIntire.  18 July 1881.

79/395  The heirs of James Hamner of the 1st part collectively to the heirs of James Hamner individually.  Division of the estate of James Hamner dec'd to the following: Lot 1 & 2 to Andrew S. Hamner; #4 to Susan Hamner (on branch of Hardware above Carter's bridge); #3 Robert M. Hamner on Plank rd. near Glendower; #5 James Hamner. Adj J. Wingfield and the rosd to Wingfield's mill.  The second larger lot is adjacent to P.S. Coles, Omohundro, G.W. Dillard?.  Rec 28 Feb 1882.

80/356  (133+a) John B. Moon and Marian his wife and Elizabeth Moon of Buckingham to Buckeyeland Mining and Development Co. Inc. This tract is the same land conveyed by John H. Coleman & wife to John C. Eubank in 1852 (D.B. 51/515) and in 1873 to Moon and Collins. Formerly known as John H. Coleman's "Limestone tract".   of 420a adj Dyer's Mill to Green Mtn rd., William Branch, W.O. Wingfield, John Morris, S. Jefferson estate, Daniel Scott.  Surveyed 20 Apr 1849. Recorded 28 July 1882

81/319  C-ville town lots on the corner of Union St., Market St., Peoples Bank, Mrs. Jones.  Lot #3 was the "Ice House" property belonging to Opie Norris estate.  The Ice House is diagonally opposite the Monticello House and it was auctioned in Dec 1873 to J.M. Daniel & brother who sold to Wingfield & Co. in 1877.  It was resold in 1879 at which C.H. Wingfield bought as trustee of Mattie Wingfield.  Recorded 24 July 1883.

84/239 (240a in Nelson and 114+a in Alb)  This tract was ordered divided because of the case of W. Anderson v. William Burford.  The partition of the lands of Lewis Anderson dec'd.  Joseph B. Mathews and wife received lot 1 (98+a) containing the dwelling house.  The heirs of Susan Burford received lot # 2.  W.L. and O. F. Anderson get  the lands in Albemarle which contains a dwelling house. Adjacent to Benjamin W. Wheeler, Coles Mill road, Nelson Elsom, John E. Powell, John Thurmond, George Wingfield, James Hamner?, road from Centenary? church to C-ville.

84/390 (1a & 2a) A. Robert McKee to Marcellus Brown and Albert Brown (the son of Marcellus).  The land is near Stony Point being part of the land McKee bought from T. L. Michie & J. Richard Wingfield (assignees of the Bankruptcy of Wm Beck dec'd).  Recorded 2 Mar 1885.

85/484 (338a) The estate of John S. Wingfield is divided among the heirs.  Lot 1 of 135 acres is allotted to Maria L. Wingfield and her three children.  Lot 2 of 202 acres goes to Melovia? Wingfield. Adjacent to Thomas Wingfield, Pleasant Sowell, Jonathan Leathers, Col. Wingfield, L. Wingfield. Coles, Moon. Divided in 1869 and recorded 23 Dec 1885

87/92 & 93.  Division of the estate of Edward Coles.  Adj Wingfield, Maddox, Maj. Redman, S.W. Ficklin, Lynchburg rd.  Surveyed Sept 1885.

88/423 The estate, near Mt. Alto, of William Gilmore (who died in 1830) is divided.  His heirs are Francis Gilmore (now the wife of Edward Wingfield), Rebecca (now Mrs. Fennick), Elizabeth (now the wife of Joshua Tooley), Martha (now the wife of Samuel Dunnavant), and John Gilmer.  Edward Wingfield & wife sold their interest to D.J. Hartsook.  John Gilmer sold his interest to David Hays who sold to Marchant who in turn sold to John Timberlake.  Adjacent to John Crank, John Fowler?, estate of Johnson, A. Bailey, John Ball, Hartsook & Fortune, and the turnpike.  The division was surveyed 23 Jan 1849, and recorded 20 Oct 1887.

90/455  (20+a) J.R. Wingfield and Ida his wife, and Thomas F. Wingfield Sr. and Susan Wingfield his wife of the first part to Thornton Ferguson, trustee for Louisa Simms.  This is part of a tract purchased by J.R. Wingfield at the bankrupt sale of Thomas Wingfield Sr.  Recorded 9 Oct 1888.

95/157  (56+a)  This tract was conveyed in trust by John Bryant and wife in 1887 but it has been foreclosed on and divided into seperate lots. The buyers of the lots are as follows:  David Harris, William Harris and Ella Harris, George Scott, Nelson Scott, Robert Fry, Lewis Bryant, Adam Dyer, Samuel Dyer, and John Bryant.  Adjacent to the road to Timberlake, Thornton Carter, Louisa Scott, Jas E. Gibson (sold to Coles), J. Wingfield.  Recorded 25 Apr 1891

96/184 (222+a) originally belonging to Elizabeth Moon and sold to Robert Hansbrough and others adjacent to Edward Coles, Battles, McKnight, Sallie T. Coles, James Wingfield,and Melvina Wingfield. Surveyed March 1886.

98/126 (5a) A. Robt? McKee to Wm. A. Johnson and Elizabeth Walker near Stoney Point being part of the land late Dr. Beck conveyed to J.R. Wingfield In trust?  Adjacent to Brock Mill road, Lewis White, and W.E. Smith.  Surveyed July 1884

98/191 (597+a) The "house tract" of the estate of George Carr dec'd. is divided between his sons: David, James and George Carr.  Adjacent to Barnett, J.M. Garnett, J.R. Wingfield, D.R. Goodman, Dr. Garth's estate, L.R. Waddell.  Surveyed May 1891

98/328 (114+a) Wm. L. Anderson and Judie his wife of Fluvanna, O.F. Anderson and Poca his wife and E.O. Anderson of Cumberland to J.B. Currier, J.M Currier, and T.F. Currier of Alb. Being part of the estate of Lewis Anderson dec'd.  Adjacent to Benjamin W. Wheeler, Nelson W. Elson, John E. Powell, John Thurmond, "road from Centary? church to C-viile, George Wingfield, James Hamner, John Thurmond, and Green Creek.  Surveyed 16 March 1883.

99/155 (313a) D.M. Wingfield and his wife W.O. Wingfield on 6 Oct 1890 bought from commissioners in the case of Buford vs. Hamlett et al 313a near Porter's Precinct called the "Hamlett tract".  In 1891 the Wingfields sold to Thomas P. Williams 132+a.  Adjacent to Dawson, Robert Jordan (afro-american), Nathan Bird, William Branch's estate.  Surveyed March 1893.

99/167 (105+a) See Wingfield's exor vs. Wingfield concerning the estate of Joseph F. Wingfield bankrupt located on the south side of the Hardware River.  Adjacent to Carter's bridge road, J. Walters (formerly Thomas F. Wingfield), near Garlands' old store, Judson, Hardware River, S.L. Burks?.  Sur 29 July 1892.

99/435 (33+a) R.T.W. Duke , Commissioner, to Isaac Martin being land formerly belonging to Joseph Wingfield.  See Wingfield vs. Wingfield Chancery case of Feb 1893.  Adjacent to Charlottesville road, Sam Dyer, Wingfield, and S. L. Burk.  Surveyed 5 Sept 1893

99/453 (9+a) D.M. Wingfield to Thomas P. Williams a tract on the west side of Ballenger's creek being a part of the Hamlett estate. Adjacent to Wingfield, Mill, Hamlett Slate Co's land, Moon, and Martin.  Sur 7 Sept 1893.

100/215 (4a) R.T.W. Duke, Commissioner, to Charles Roberson the same being a portion of Joseph Wingfield tract on the North Hardware. Adj Dabney Willis, C-ville road.  Surveyed 5 Sept 1893  

104/10 (313a) Jane T. Coles to L.A. Coles.  Adj McKnight, dower lot, Maddox, Wingfield, Maj. Redman, Sallie T. Coles.  Part of division of lands of Edward Coles and allotted to Theodora F. Coles and Charles W. coles.  Surveyed July 1895.

107/86 (117a) on the border with Fluvanna.  William H. and Maria Smith to Robertson Smith of Fluvanna.  Adjacent to J. Sadler, estate of Willie M. Parsons, W.H. Smith, and Mrs. Wingfield.  Recorded 11 Dec 1896.

109/227 (103a) on the waters of Ivy Creek.  William A. Garth (widower), Sarah A.E. Garth, Mary James Garth, Lucy C. Garth, Nathaniel Thomas Garth and Mollie his wife and Horace L. Garth to Lucy Garth wife of Horace L. Garth 2nd part, John D. Watson trustee 3rd part and Thornton Stout, exec of Mrs. Sallie Wingfield.  Mrs. Mary Garth had the land conveyed to her (mother of first part) 97/273.  The remaining child of Mrs. Garth (Mrs. Hardenia White) released her interest.  There is a vendor's lien in favor of Mrs.Sallie Wingfield.  Adjacent to Mrs. Josie Garth, Mrs. M.J. Garth's estate, Ivy Creek.  Surveyed March 1897.

110/124 (39+a) Mrs. Dorothy M. Wingfield and William O. Wingfield her husband to John E. Lane.  Adjacent to Ballengers creek, Alberene R.R., William & Dorothy Wingfield, Thomas P. Williams, John E. Lane. Recorded 21 Dec 1897.

111/133 (Right of way) Mrs. Dollie Wingfield wife of W.O. Wingfield to the Alberene R.R. a right of way.  Adjacent to Mrs. S.J. Martin, John E. and Henry L. Lane (formerly Dollie Wingfield), Ballinger's Creek.  Recorded 28 Apr 1898.

111/296 (17+a) The Charlottesville land Co. to J. Richard Wingfield. Adjacent to Dr. Christian, C-ville Land Co., Cabell Ave, Rosser Ave, 2nd to 5th st.  Surveyed May 1898.

113/491 (288+a) John L. Cochran and Mary his wife to H.L. Lane Lot #2 of "Alta Vista".  Adjacent to B.J.P. Llewellyn, Crobarger-Jones, J.L. Pitts, G.N.C. Wingfield, Wingfield lot, Humphrey lot, Harris, J.E. Lane, Andrew Dawson.  Surveyed 1897-1898.

114/134 (8+a) J. Richard and Ida R. Wingfield to James B. Morris being part of J.R. Wingfield's "Woodland" farm.  Adjacent to Edward C. Wingfield, old Barracks and Hydraulic road.  Surveyed 3 June 1891.

115/219 (6+a) C-ville Land Co. to John West being a portion of the Preston Heights property.  Adjacent to J.R. Wingfield, C-ville land Co., Rucker Ave, 2nd St.  Surveyed 14 May 1898.

115/357 (lot) J.R. Wingfield and Ida his wife to Doctor W.G. Christian a lot on Preston Heights.  Adjacent to Cabell Ave and Dr. Christian.  Surveyed 30 Sept 1899.

115/429 (2a) D.M. Wingfield and W.O. Wingfield her husband to V.A. Bugg being a part of the Hamlet farm near Esmont adjacent toWingfield.  Surveyed 2 Oct 1899.

117/165 (340a) James Ross of Fredericksburg to John O. Harris a part of the "Blenum" tract.  Adjacent to Wingfield, J. White, Harris. Surveyed 7 June 1843, recorded 1900.

117/171 (10a) J.R. Wingfield to Jacob (Jake) Johnston being the same lot Johnston has lived on for the past 15 years and part of the Thomas F. Wingfield land near Carter's bridge.  Adjacent to Louisa Sims.  Recorded 1900

Charlottesville Deed Book/Page No.

C-ville DB 1/485 Deed of trust put on the lot W.G. Farrow bought from B.F. Jeffries and Herbert H. Wingfield. Adj Comer, Bishop. Rec 23 May 1890.

C-ville DB 4/229 R.H. Wood exor. of Jennie L. Burnley dec'd to Mrs. Ida Wingfield wife of J.R. Wingfield and Amanda J.V. Burnley wife of James F. Burnley.  Being the same lot conveyed by commissioners in 1876 to J.H. Burnley for Jennie L. Burnley (Alb DB 70/97).  Adj C.D. Fishburne, J.D. Watson, High St., 3rd St. N.E., Perry. Rec 21 Nov 1893.

C-ville DB 6/28 R.C. Vandegrift and his wife C.E. to Mrs. Alice G. Ward.  The house and lot now occupied by C. H. Wingfield as tenant. Adj L.W. cox, R.C. Vandegrift, J. A. Walter? Sur 29 June 1894.

C-ville DB 8/71 Map of the property owned by George W. Oliver on the corner of Jeffries St & Letterman Alley (written in pencil is Wertland St.). George Oliver in 1887 (Alb DB 88/80) deeded most of lots 1 & 2 to S.E. Cornell (Cornnell?).  Oliver deeded the corner lot (C-ville DB 2 pg 285) to Joseph B. Wingfield who has sold it to Joseph S. Maxheimer.  Sur 10 Apr 1894.

C-ville DB 8/359 A.D. Cox and commissioners to H.P. Porter.  Adj J.R. Wingfield, 3rd St., C& O R.R., Cox. Sur 29 Oct 1897.

C-ville DB 9/148 "Eureka House" property.  See Ellison and Harvey vs. C.H. Wingfield and A.G. Sutler late partners of Wingfield and Sutler chancery case in 1894 in C-ville.  The house was ordered sold and bought by Moses Leterman.  Adj N. 4th St. (formerly Union), Gleason, Mrs. T.H. Hays, Norris, Market St. Sur 9 Oct 1894.