Documentation Archives

This site is for the purpose of displaying documentation records of the family name Wingfield, in all its variations. The arrangement is geographical whenever possible. Records from sources not limited to one geographical area will be handled as best suited to the source.

If you have Wingfield records that you would like to share and make available to all Wingfield family researchers, please send as an email or an email "attachment" to The source must be clearly and accurately identified, and you must also be careful of the accuracy of your typed contribution to this permanent repository of Wingfieldiana. This archived documentation will be only for use by family members in their study of Wingfield lineage. It cannot be used for commercial purposes or for any purpose other than described above. Verification of accuracy rests with each item's contributor.

Items to contribute should be typed copies of Wills, land & property deeds, census records, tax records, birth, baptism, marriage, divorce & death records, etc., which help identify Wingfield family members and help prove their family relationships.

The geographical arrangement will be as follows, alphabetical within each country:

USA - State Name - County Name - City Name - 
ARKANSAS - Clark County - Pre 1850 - Marriage Records
GEORGIA - Elbert County - 1791/1806 - Deed Books
GEORGIA - Wilkes County - 1785/93 - Tax Records
VIRGINIA - Albemarle County - 1850-1900 - Wingfield land surveys
VIRGINIA - Amherst County - 1807 - Will of William Davenport
CANADA - Province - County - City, etc.
ENGLAND - County - City, etc.
IRELAND - County - City, etc.
SCOTLAND - County - City, etc.
WALES - County - City, etc.