Windsor Castle, St. George's Chapel
St George's A.jpg
The Choir of St. George’s.
St George's B.jpg
Choir stall showing Garter Plates, 1933.
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16. WINDSOR Castle, St. George’s Chapel (Berkshire). Here in this inspiring cathedral-like Garter Chapel can be seen the Knights of the Garter plates of Sir Richard Wingfield of Kimbolton Castle (d. 1525, grandfather of Captain Edward-Maria Wingfield, the founding father with Bartholomew Gosnold of Jamestown, Virginia in 1607), installed 1523 [north side, row 3, right], and that of his nephew, Sir Anthony Wingfield of Letheringham (d. 1552), Comptroller & Captain of the Guard for King Henry VIII and King Edward IV, installed 1541 (fifth from the altar, row 4, right, south side). Their arms are in the roof, but no Wingfield has ever managed to see them!