Jamestown, VA
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The church from --




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The Edward-Maria Wingfield Memorial.

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The nearby New Jamestown memorial showing Edward-Maria Wingfield as the first President at Jamestown.


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Bob Wingfield of Illinois, President of the Wingfield Family Society & Lord of the Manor of Wingfield, England (1991-1994) leading some 75 Wingfields in a memorial service here commemorating Edward-Maria Wingfield as 1st President here and all those brave men who settled Jamestowne with him.

23. OLD JAMESTOWNE, Virginia. There is a magnificent marble memorial to Captain Edward-Maria Wingfield, “a distinguished soldier”*, who was the President of the Council during the first four hard months here. (The first three leaders were called “President”, after which the title was changed to “Governor”). Wingfield, with his cousin, Bartholomew Gosnold, was responsible for recruiting 40% of the colonists and also apparently responsible for paying off the expedition’s debts so that it could sail in December 1606. [Huntingdon County Record Office, M22/ 4A]. He built the great fort here, started bartering with the Indians and planted the first crops, but because of sickness, famine and because he pushed the men too hard, was removed from office. On return to England he continued to recruit backers and to give financial support for the enterprise. (*In the Army Roll he was annotated “a captain of success”).