Obituary - B. (Edith) Elizabeth Swepson Whitehead Wingfield

B. (Edith) Elizabeth Swepson Whitehead Born Feb. 6, 1804 Died June 14, 1858 Portsmouth, VA (LDS Rec)
              (M)  Rev.John Henry Wingfield Nov. 14, 1822
              Portsmouth, Va.
              Sec: Swepson Whitehead
              He was born June 10, 1798 Va
              Died: Dec 5, 1871 Portsmouth, Va
             John Henry Wingfield (M) #2 Emily Ann Mason Boykin
Rev. John H Wingfield was Rector of Trinity Episcopal Church, Portsmouth, Va. for 50 years. (Church History & Pictures)

Virginia Beach Genealogical Newsletter, Vol 9, No. 2 June , 1992, has an article on John H. Wingfield, Minister of Va.

             Children Wingfield

            1. Swepson Whitehead Wingfield born Dec. 1, 1823 Va.
                Died Mar. 29, 1860 Portsmouth, Va-(LDS Rec)
                Lived 1850 Norfolk City

            2. William Charles Wingfield Born March 25, 1825 Va
                Died: Oct. 24, 1896 Portsmouth, Va (LDS Rec)
                Lived @ 720 Dinwiddie St, Portsmouth, Norfolk Co, Va
                clerk- S & R RR Portsmouth, va.
                (M) Susan Jane Davis pr to 1860
                 a.  Eliza Josephine Born Jan 20, 1865 Portsmouth, Va
                      (also enum. in girls School Baltimore, Md. 1880)
                      (M) J M Hadley
                 b. Emily  Swepson  Born Nov 25, 1867 Norfolk Co, Va
                      (M) Claudius James Riddick
                 c. William Davis Born Jan 8, 1870 Portsmouth, Va
                 d. Charles  Henry Born April 12, 1872 Portsmouth, Va
                      (M) Margaret A. Mulligan
                 e. Mary  Elizabeth Born Dec 18, 1874 Portsmouth,Va
                     (M) James H. Downing

             3. Thurman Hoggard Wingfield Born Aug. 10, 1826 Va
                 Died: Mar 3, 1885 Towson, Baltimore co, Md. (LDS Rec)
                 Occ: Physician/Surgeon, Baltimore, Maryland
                 (M) M. E. Leftwich (lived in Baltimore, Md 1870, 1880)

Civil War Serv. Records
                  T. H. Wingfield, Surgeon, Allegiance: Confederate
                  General Staff & Officers, Div & Brig. Staffs-

                  *1890 City Directory, Baltimore, Maryland
                   Mrs. T. H. Wingfield, 2020 Maryland Ave.

4. Margaret Elizabeth Wingfield Born Nov 6, 1828
                 Died Nov. 8, 1833 (LDS Rec)

             5.  John Henry  Ducachet Wingfield  (Minister)
                 Born Ca 1833  Norfolk, Va
                 Died: July 27, 1898 California
                 (Lived in Benicia, Solano, Calif. 1880)
                 (M) Mary Imogene chandler Pr to 1860
                        a. John Page Wingfield Born Aug 13, 1863 Portsmouth, Va
                             Died July 9, 1889 Calif.
                 (M) #2 Elizabeth D. Lee
                        b. Henry W. Wingfield
                        c. Mary Wingfield
                        d. Paul Wingfield
                  (M) #3 Anne Garland 

             6. Richard Channing Moore Wingfield
                 Born June 3, 1837 Norfolk Co, Va
                 Died: October 15, 1890 Bur: Oct 17, 1890 Trinity Church,
                 Portsmouth, Va. (Obit)
                 CSA Virginia-Richard C. M. Wingfield, Pri, Enlisted April 20,
                 1861, Portsmouth, Va.-Confederate Army
                 (M) Elizabeth "Lizzie" S. Hudgings Born Ca 1845 Va
                 (Dtr of R. K. Hudgings)
                        a. J. H. Wingfield (son) Born Ca 1872 Portsmouth, Va
                            Died: Oct 24, 1938 Portsmouth, Va
                            (M) Nannie Marshall Turner (Gene pool, LDS Rec)
                 Richard Lived @ 83 Bute St, Norfolk, Va-
                 partner w/R. Frank Vaughn,
                 General Ins. Agents, @ 46 Commerce St, Norfolk, Va.

                 Norfolk Virginian, Fri, Oct 17, 1890.

                 Funeral of Mr. Wingfield
                 " The funeral services of the late Mr. R. C. M. Wingfield will take place today at 12 o'clock from Trinity Church, Portsmouth. Pickett-Buchanan Camp, Confederate Veterans, and Pocahontas Concil, Royal Arcanum, of which the deceased was a member, and the N. L. A. Blues, of which he  was at one time lieutenant, will attend in bodies."

             7. Mary Elizabeth Swepson Wingfield Born Sept, 1840
                 Died April 12, 1847 (LDS Rec)

             8  Margaret Susan Wingfield
                 Born Ca 1841 Va Died 1905
                 (M) Mathias  M Marshall (Minister) (LDS Rec)
                 Lived in Raleigh, Wake Co, NC 1880)
                        a. John W. Born CA 1868 NC
                        b. Maude M. Born Ca 1870 NC
                        c. Eliza S. Born Ca 1872 NC
                        d. Joel K. Born Ca 1874 NC
                        e. Margaret S. Born Ca 1878 NC
                        f. Theodora Born Ca 1880 NC

Norfolk, Va City Directory 1888
Richard C M Wingfield, Bus: Wingfield & Vaughn, 83 Bute St, Norfolk
William Wingfield, Carpenter, 72 James St, Norfolk
Richard C. Wingfield, M. Wingfield & R. Frank Vaughn, General Ins. Agents, 46 Commerce St, Norfolk (Wingfield & Vaughn)
William C. Wingfield, S & R Railroad, Clerk, 729 Dinwiddie St, Portsmouth

Richard C. M. Wingfield, 83 Bute St, Norfolk, (Wingfield & Vaughn, General Ins. Agents) 46 Commerce St, Norfolk
William C. Wingfield, clerk  S & R RR , 720 Dinwiddie St, Portsmouth

R C M Wingfield, Genl. Ins. Agent 46 Commerce St, Norfolk, Home: 83 Bute St, Norfolk
Charles H. Wingfield Carpenter, 720 Dinwiddie St., Portsmouth
William C. Wingfield, Clerk, S & R RR , 720 Dinwiddie St, Portsmouth

C. Benjamin Whitehead Born Jan. 28, 1806-Died: June15, 1811 


1860 Princess Anne Co, Va P 581 (London Bridge PO) HH 10-10 -Poor film
Swepson W. Brooks 35? M Va Farmer 1700/11,000.
Chas. R. Vaughan 18 M Va Farm Lab.
Franklin Land 22 M Va Farm Lab.

1870 Princess Anne Co, Va. P 325, Seaboard T/S London Bridge PO HH 62-62
Swepson W. Brooks 46? WM Va. Farmer $1800/1100.
Lizzie " 33 WF Va
Swepson J. " 01 WM Va.

1880 Princess Anne Co., Va (Seaboard) P 173B
Swepson W. Brooks 55 WM Va  MS Va   Occ: Farmer
Elizabeth D. " 48 WF Va Va Va wife
Swepson J. " 11 WM Va Va Va  son
Calvin Malborn 30 BM Va servant

1850 Norfolk Co, Va. P 074 Norfolk City-(very poor film)
Swepson Wingfield  25 M Va
Boarder in Shuster HH # 1113-1233

P 154  Norfolk Co, Va (Portsmouth) HH 639-692
Jno. H. Wingfield 52 M Va Minister of Gospel, M.E.
Eliza S. " 46 F Va (Elizabeth  Swepson Whitehead, Dtr of Swepson Whitehead)
J. H. D. " 16 M Va Student Ca 1834
R. C. M. " 13 M Va  Ca 1837
Margaret " 9 F Va Ca 1841

1860 Norfolk Co, Va Jefferson Ward, Portsmouth P 243 HH 874-845
W. C. Wingfield 35 M Va Grocer 3000//300
Susan " 19 F Va
Wm. Vaughan 19 M Va Clerk
P 251 Jefferson Ward, Portsmouth HH 940-911
John H. Wingfield 62 M Va Epis. Min. $22,000
John H. 26 M Va Epis. Minister $1350.
Mary S. 21 F Va  (dtr-in-law)
Rchd. C. M. " 23 M Va Clerk
Nancy Wesmington 62 F Va
Margaret Wingfield 19 F Va
Thurman Wingfield 32 M Va  Physician $1600.

1860 Slave schedule P 192 Charles Wingfield
1860 Slave Schedule-John Wingfield

1870 Norfolk Co, P 382 HH 459-758
John H. Wingfield 72 WM Va Minister
Emily " 56 WF Va HK(#2 wife-Mrs Emily Boykin)
Robt. Boykin 38 WM Va Merchant
Emma " 36 WF Va HK
Virginia " 5 WF Va
Mary " 3 WF Va

P 450 HH 526-709
Wm. C. Wingfield 45 WM Va Retail Grocer 2800/150
Susan J. 30 WF Va HK
Eliza J. " 5 WF Va
William D. " 4/12 WM Va

1870 Baltimore Co, Md 9th District P 452 Towsontown PO
Thurman H. Wingfield  40 WM Va Medical Doctor (alone in HH)

1880 Portsmouth, Norfolk Co, Va P 561C
E. A. Wingfield, 66 WF Va. Va Va No Occ (#2 w/o Rev. John H. Wingfield)

P 580C, Portsmouth, Norfolk Co, Va
Wm. C. Wingfield, 57 WM Va Va Va RR Clerk
Josephine "15 WF Va Va Va Dtr (Student in Baltimore, Md-see below)
Emily " 13 WF Va Va Va Dtr (Missed on 1870 census)
William " 10 WM Va Va Va son
Charles " 8 WM Va Va Va Son
Mary " 5 WF Va Va Va Dtr

1880 Norfolk Co, Norfolk City, P. 500C
R.. K. Hudgings 68 WM Va Va Va Sea Captain
S. J. " 63 WF Va Va Va wife
L. K. " 31 WM Va Va Va son
S.F. " 25 Va Va Va Son
R. C. M. Wingfield 40 WM Va Va Va  Rel: s-i-l  Occ: Insurance Agent
L. S. " 35 Wf Va Va Va dtr
J. H. " 8 WM Va Va Va gr/son

1880 District 1, Baltimore, Baltimore Co, Md. P 346A-347C
Mount Desa Les School For Girls
Margaret Neale 56 WF Md Md Md Occ: Teacher
Josephine Wingfield 15 WF Va Va Va Student (1 of many)
also enumerated in HH of father, Wm. Chas. Wingfield, Portsmouth, Va, above)

1880 Baltimore Co, MD (Towsontown, PO) P 306A
T. H. Wingfield 50 WM Va Va Va Occ: Doctor (Thurman Hoggard Wingfield)
M. E. " 30 WF  Va Va SC wife **
(**M E Leftwich, Dtr of Augustine & Elizabeth Williams Leftwich, Tobacco Mfr, of 1880 Campbell Co, Va.)

1880 Wake Co, NC (Raleigh) P 236C
M M Marshall 38 WM NC NC NC Minister
Margaret " 38 WF Va Va Va wife (nee Wingfield)
John W. " 12 WM NC NC Va son
Maude M. " 10 Wf NC NC Va dtr
Eliza S. 8 WF NC NC Va Dtr
Joel K. " 6 WM NC NC Va Son
Margaret S. " 2 WF NC NC Va Dtr
Theodora " 5 Mos WF NC NC Va Dtr
Henrietta " 26 WF NC NC Va Sister
Wm T. Brewer 20 NC NC NC Machinist