DNA genetic procedure is too important for family researchers to ignore. The Wingfield Family Society began using this  technology in 2000, and while it does not supplant traditional genealogy research for essential specific genealogical records, it is a tool that opens the door to information and proofs often not obtainable anywhere else.

All of the Wingfield genetic activity is centered around the “Y” Chromosome tests that identify matching male genetic paternal signatures inherited from the father to son of a particular surname line. Each of the several Wingfield lines has a different “paternal ancestry signature.” 

The Wingfield Family Society is displaying on this web site the Wingfield markers or loci of all Wingfield surname DNA signatures obtained so far. There are several pending  The source of these reports is/will be from prior, current and future DNA test results received from both member and non-member participants. The results of the posted several genetic tests are numbered with a sequence of markers or loci for easy comparison.

The benefits of this information being openly available is two-fold. It may be used for informal analysis of one’s own surname DNA seeking a match. Or it can be posted here to find unknown DNA surname relatives.  We encourage all Wingfield DNA surname test results to be posted on this site for others to view. 

The WFS is conducting a series of tests to determine new surname genetic lines, to verify and match lines with members that do not know their actual line.

All Wingfields (males) are urged to have their own DNA analysis, especially if there is any question as to which Wingfield line they belong or there is a need for verification. To arrange a test is simple. A reasonable fee is required. Please contact Sam Batsell if you are planning a Wingfield surname DNA test and Sam Batsell, DNA Coordinator and WFS Genealogist will explain how to proceed with the DNA test and how your results can be posted on the Wingfield web site.

 To be fully beneficial for all, the results of each independent test should also be posted on this web site. Contact Sam Batsell, address shown above, for simple instructions.

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