Most Wingfields are descended for the prominent Saxon family that was in Suffolk, England before the Norman Conquest in 1066. The village of Wingfield is shown in the Doomsday Book of 1086. Their influence spread throughout England. Many were knights, two of whom were Knights of the Garter. They were advisors to kings and one was the Chief of Staff to the Black Prince. Some married royal blood and several were Lords of the Manor in a number of areas of England. A Wingfield was the first president of the Jamestown Colony. The inventor of tennis was Walter Wingfield. Another family of Wingfields stem from Derbyshire, England, where in mediaeval times some of them were armigerous (i.e. had a coat of arms) and are today traceable (through the Wingfield Family Society). Hundreds of Wingfields trek back to England to see historical sites, such as the 14th century Wingfield Castle.

The Wingfield Family Society was founded in Virginia, USA in 1987. While there are many regional Wingfield reunions held periodically throughout the United States and England, this is the first Society formed to encompass all members into a single unit, worldwide. In addition to the USA, there are members in Australia, Canada, England, France, Ireland, New Zealand, and Zimbabwe.

The Society is a non-profit organization of over 500 families whose goal is to document the roles Wingfields played in history, to preserve and acquire items of family significance, and to publish and disseminate information to Society members and the public at large. Assisting our members in their personal heritage search is also a major activity.

For those seriously interested in family heritage, the Society has proficient genealogists to advise and assist members in their searches. A database of over 180,000 names is maintained in the Society's computer in Boca Ration, Florida. These records have been acquired through the dedicated cooperation of members so that considerable information is now available to all. Data goes back to 1087. The Wingfield Americas Immigration List (WAIL) is published and updated annually, listing every recorded U.S. immigrant from 1607 to 1900. We appreciate contributions to the database and urge all members to share their research.