Wingfield Meetings and Reunions 

WFS Annual Meeting

The Wingfield Family Societyís 30th annual meeting has been arranged by Barbara Cortino and Jim Nowak at the Holiday Inn at the New Orleans Superdome on June 3-5, 2016.  The price is $139 a night.  Parking and breakfast are included.

Meeting Venues

  1. 1987: Ashland, VA

  2. 1988: Richmond, VA & UK

  3. 1989: Scottsdale, AZ

  4. 1990: Atlanta, GA

  5. 1991: Fredericksburg, VA & UK & Ireland

  6. 1992: Reno, NV

  7. 1993: Williamsburg, VA

  8. 1994: Kissimmee, FL

  9. 1995: Tysonís Corner, VA & UK

  10. 1996: Scottsdale, AZ

  11. 1997: Richmond, VA

  12. 1998: San Antonio, TX

  13. 1999: Washington, DC & UK

  14. 2000: Toronto, Canada

  15. 2001: Denver, CO

  16. 2002: New Orleans, LA

  17. 2003: Salt Lake City, UT

  18. 2004: Savannah, GA

  19. 2005: Nashville, TN

  20. 2006: Phoenix, AZ

  21. 2007: Williamsburg, VA

  22. 2008: Atlanta, GA

  23. 2009: Tampa, FL

  24. 2010: Jamestown, VA

  25. 2011: San Antonio, TX

  26. 2012: Charlottesville, VA

  27. 2013: Nashville, TN

  28. 2014: Williamsburg, VA

  29. 2015: Chicago, IL

  30. 2016: New Orleans, LA


The annual WINGFIELD/Clark family reunion is held the second Sunday of June each year at the Center Ridge Methodist Church. The church is located just off state highway 53 about 3 miles from South Fork (Gurdon) exit of interstate I-30 in Clark County Arkansas. The program starts at 10:30 a.m. followed by dinner on the ground (pot luck). Entertainment provided by family members after lunch in the church building (air conditioned). Contact: Vance Wingfield, 520 NE 37th ST, Boca Raton, FL 33431-5928, 817-800-3197,


The Oklahoma Wingfield Family Reunion held here every Labor Day Weekend, on Sunday.  It is held at Boggy Depot Park, 10 miles west of Tuska, Oklahoma.  Tuska is about 5 miles south of Atoka.  We are the descendants of Benjamin and Beatrice Wingfield.  My dad's name is James Henderson Wingfield and my mom's name is Hazel.  We have lunch on the grounds at noon.  This is a covered dish, potluck, and meal.  Everyone brings their favorite foods and the eating utensils, cups, plates, etc. are furnished.  We would love to have all Wingfields to visit us on this day.  If you need more info, please contact, Reba (Wingfield) Schafer, 3934 Caddo Hills Rd., Caddo, Oklahoma 74729. (580)367-2734 or email me at:


If you have knowledge of upcoming Wingfield family meetings or reunions please forward the information to Stephen Chanko at: